The use of wall panels is becoming more popular by the day.A panel is a single piece of material that is used as covering for walls. It is durable, easy to replace and has an appearance of uniformity. Thereare different ranges, from cheap ones that are easily affordable to more expensive ones that have high quality. Panels can be used to create different looks like stony, woody or fabric and each type has its advantages and disadvantages.


Panels have a lot of functions, and it can be used to create visual appeal, hide flaws and electronics. When it is used as a décor element, it is a good way of breaking up wall space. decorative wall paneling It is also used for insulation, soundproofing and to reduce the spread of fire from a building unit to another one. When you use wall panels, you can sufficiently bring down your construction costs because of the consistency of appearance that it gives to your wall thereby you don’t need to finishing material. To make room for electrical outlets and other devices on your wall, you can drill holes on the panels.


There are many types of wood panels that you can use for the wall of your building and these include the following:
1.    Chipboard Panels: These panels are cheap and readily available. They are three different types that are available-high density, medium and normal. While the high density is thick and solid, the normal is easier to handle.
2.    Natural wood panels: Wooden panels are easy to repair and replace, they also have good thermal and acoustic insulation. If you choose this kind of panel, the downside is that it will always require lots of maintenance work.
3.    Fabric Panels:These panels are ideal for hard and smooth walls and it gives a cozy feel to a room. It is ideal for people that want a panel with a soft effect. You can go for upholstered walls if you want acoustic insulation.
4.    Vinyl-covered gypsum boards: These panels are durable and have a very high resistance to fire. It is easy to install and has good sound insulation properties. It is highly versatile.
5.    PVC Panels: Panels made of PVC are easy to maintain and hygienic. They also last long and do not attract dust which makes it ideal for those that have an allergy to dust. Since it is easy to clean them, they are mostly used in the kitchen and bathroom.


There is a wall panel that fits your different needs whether you need it for decorative purposes or those that will be a good fit for areas that are prone to moisture. Consult with an expert to determine what best suits your need. They will let you know what will work best with whatever existing interior conditions in your building and recommend panels that are suitable for the high level of moisture for your bathrooms and kitchens.

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