Having your garage door insulated is good because it helps in climate control, noise reduction and also helps to reduce your energy bill. You also spend a lot of time in the garage and you will want it to be comfortable for the duration of time you will spend there. Studies carried out by the manufacturers of garage doors have shown that properly done garage door insulation is capable of keeping your garage 25 degrees cooler in summer and 12 degrees warmer during winter. This will help to reduce the amount of energy that is lost along insulated ceilings and walls. Another advantage of insulating your garage is that it really helps to keep out the noise, especially if you live near a noisy intersection or on a busy street.


There are different types of garage door insulation and anyone you choose will help to increase the effectiveness of your garage door. The various types include the following:
1.    Reflective Foil Insulation: This type of insulation is used in lining the interior of garages and it is good for garages that heat up quickly in summer or hot regions because it reflects radiant heat. It is also known as air cell insulation, radiant insulation and aluminium foil insulation. Multiple layers of foil, polyethylene and bubble wrap are used to create a barrier against the flow of heat. This type of insulation gives higher insulation than panels.

2.    Batt Insulation: This insulation is commonly made of fiberglass and it is flexible in nature. Most times, it is stuffed in the exterior walls and backed by foil or paper that acts as air and vapor barrier.

3.    Spray Foam Insulation: This type of garage door installation makes use of solid panel in between each channel of all the section of the garage door. Spray foam is then injected into the panels which bonds to the interior and exterior of the garage door.


When the garage door insulation has been done, you need to consider putting in garage door seals. This is to ensure that cold and hot air does not go in and out of your garage as if the garage door is opened partially.There are some common garage door seal that are easy to install and inexpensive that you can use. They include the bottom seal, threshold seal and garage door weather stripping.


After doing your garage door insulation, it adds weight to the door and may throw it off balance. A garage door that is properly balanced will stay in place if it is lifted part-way and let go. Test your door and if you let go of it and it fails, call in a garage door professional to readjust the spring tension. The garage door opener can be damaged if it is left in an unbalanced state. With doors that are 9 foot wide, the extra weight is not usually a problem.

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