Why You Need To Do Attic Insulation in Your Home

It is important to keep your home cool when it is hot during the summer period. This is where attic insulation has an important role to play. When you insulate your attic, you tend to make your home more comfortable and also conserve energy in the process. This also helps you to make significant savings in your energy bills.

Attic Insulation

Since the attic is the greatest place where heat loss occurs in the home, you need to prevent the loss of heat by insulating the place, if it is done properly, it will also help to stop the escape of cool air from your house during summer.

Attic Insulation Of The Attic

If you have not finished your attic and you use it for storing things, you will want to insulate the floor of the attic so that you can trap warm air below the stairs. You should insulate above the finished spaces if the attic is finished.

If you had an old attic insulation done before, it may not be as good as what it used to be before. To improve on its effectiveness, all you need to do is just add new insulation on the existing one so it can perform better.

The Type Of Attic Insulation To Use

For insulating the attic, you can make use of bats, blown or spray foam insulation.

  1. Batts: These are made of long interweaving fibers that have adhesive binders. The two types of batt that are common are the cotton and fiberglass.
  2. Blown: There are two types which include cellulose and fiberglass and it is best if it is installed by a professional. Cellulose is made from recycled newspaper while fiberglass comes from different materials like recycled glass and sand. This type of insulation is good for use during attic insulation because it fills all the gaps in the attic and gives a far-reaching layer of insulation.
  3. Spray Foam: There are two kinds of spray foam insulation which are closed cell and open cell. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages well before you decide on the one to use.

Air Sealing Before Carrying Out Attic Insulation

Make sure that you seal all the air leakage in the attic before you insulate it because it is difficult to do after insulation. If this is not done, the insulation will not be efficient.

The following are the places that need to be air sealed before starting attic insulation in your home.

  1. Holes made in the ceiling and wall frames where wire, light fixtures, heating ducts, plumbing and other things in the house that protrude into the attic.
  2. Dropped ceiling cavities that are found behind showers and over cabinets that expose large areas of walls in the attic.
  3. Open floor cavities and open wall cavities found in multi-level homes that has knee wall attics. The open wall cavities are regarded as thermal bypasses and they expose the whole ceiling in the rooms that are below and the floors in the room above the attic. Contact Here

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