Wall Paneling – Weather Insulated Panels

The best treatment for decorating the walls is known as Wall Paneling that is consist of tinny sheets of different types of material framed together. If you have some idea about early sixties and seventies you undoubtedly never had a friend whose basement was not have wall paneling.

wall-paneling-timthumb-phpThe very first wall paneling was done for the separation of a room and for saving you form bad weather.Wall paneling was used widely in the period of Gothic for the warmth and fruitfulness to their living quarters. After that in the era of Tudor and Elizabethan in England Wall Paneling cut up was complicatedly and ornament ally. After that during the renaissance time period Wall Paneling became simple. In eighteen century Wall Paneling became more pretty instead of useful. Which was popular in United states of America.

Today’s Wall Paneling are like by the people and Wall Paneling again capturing the market.You can make any type of design that you want because there is various offering of products available in the market. You can get Wall Paneling from the market like

  • Wall Paneling that is easy to install
  • Wall Paneling that is easy to maintain
  • Wall Paneling that is environmentally friendly and affordable

There are a lot of companies which make systems that are according to your specifications and AWIP is one of those companies that provide you Wall Paneling according to your requirements.

In twentieth century and before twenty century Wall Panels was available only in Oak or Pine but you don’t have to worry because Wall Panels are available in verity of materials, some are mention below

  • Solid wood
  • Walnut
  • Mahogany
  • Brick
  • Redwood
  • Plywood
  • Lucite
  • Plastic
  • Foam Insulation

Foam provide you many benefits and it can be stretched very easily. It offers you soft tight seal that magnifies that part where we apply it. The major quality of Foam Insulation is that it helps you in sustaining temperature and save you from heat and cold energy leaks from building. There are mainly two types of Foam Insulation named as Closed cells and the Open cells formulas. Gas is filled in Closed cells while air is filled in Open cells. Mostly air leaks are in roof space. With the use of spray foam on the roofs it protects Delaware which give you comfort whole year and your energy cost become down up to great level. You can also conceal the cracks and fissure. This help to protect yourself from clammy, hot and cold air that enter in your home. It also saves roofs from leakage due to inner air outdoors.

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